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Foilgate, Wolfgang Habe, carries  your orders based on the following terms and conditions (AGB through).  There are at the time of your order our services, made available in terms.  Our conditions are in an online order with submitting the order form, with an order by facsimile with the sending of the fax or e-mail is accepted.  You can text on the computer to download or print your order.  From these conditions, different regulations, we do not recognize, unless they are confirmed by us in writing.  

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Responsible for the store: 
  Habe Daniel


(1) Our information on products and prices during the ordering process are non-binding.  A contract between the customer and us is then only, if we the customer acceptance of the order in writing (fax) or e-mail have confirmed also by the goods or parts respectively of the goods delivered first time.  We reserve the right to us, on a household quantity to limit the order quantity.

(2) Check the confirmation for obvious spelling and calculation errors and discrepancies between purchase order, confirmation and delivery. You must notify Us discrepancies immediately notify such. If you or us of a disagreement the rescission claim because then you open the products please no further.  Otherwise, you have to bear the resulting loss of value.  Send the product to our delivery to the address listed on back.

(3) We reserve the right to us, without giving any reasons an order cannot execute.  This we will notify the customer in writing.

(4) If the customer orders goods for shipment to third parties, only the customer but not the third party is our party.  If the orders to third parties (gift recipient) are to be dispatched, the customer must order the exact address of each gift recipient specify when.  We cannot accept PO Box addresses.

(5) Minors are not entitled to order goods.  By ordering you agree to have reached the age necessary. In particular, model rocket propellant charges may Austria and Germany only by persons aged 18 years and purchased all year round are flown in.

Terms of payment

(1) We can offer as part of the order of payment accepted only.

(2) In advance, we mean the transfer of the amount due within 14 days from date of order.  The dispatch of the products ordered is made until payment is received.

(3) Where an order paid by cash on delivery, we charge a delivery fee. On the transfer fee charged by the service package we have no control and cannot show in the invoice.

(4) If you get a warning and a deadline in late payments in spite of, we are calculating interest at the rate of 5% above base rate of the European Central Bank entitled to, unless there is lesser damage is proven.


(1) Our prices are plus shipping and handling and include VAT for deliveries within the European Union.  The prices are calculated in EURO only, additional price in other currencies are used solely for the information of the customer and have no legal validity.

(2) Calculated are the, at the time of the supply current prices. For presales, we will endeavor so far as the prevailing prices charged to place orders at issue.


(1) Delivery dates and periods are about appointments.  The timely, accurate and complete to us by our outside our control lying upstream is a prerequisite for meeting delivery deadlines and deliveries.

(2) We are entitled to partial deliveries.  If you are interested in a partial delivery does not, report it to us at comments on the order page.  If the product was further opened by you, then you have in the event of a resignation, resulting loss of value to contribute.  For partial deliveries, we carry the added costs.  In the case of force majeure and / or other circumstances over which we are not - even if they occur with our suppliers - is extended, provided that we supply are hampered in our, the delivery time to a reasonable extent.  If by the above circumstances, the delivery or performance impossible or unreasonable, we are free from the obligation to deliver.  If the delivery is delayed for more than two months, we are and the customer is entitled, by contract.  Customer claims for damages are excluded in these cases.

(3) Customer is incurred to by us in debt by delivery delays suffered damage as a customer can this rate of 5 percent of the gross value of the affected part of the total delivery replaced more than demand. The liability limitation shall not apply if the delay in delivery of intent or gross negligence by us is due.

Import and customs regulations, export regulations

(1) The order in each case, the import and customs regulations in the country by the customer to observe.

(2) The customer bears the risk that for any consequences resulting from unauthorized shipment of goods abroad, if the import and customs regulations of foreign countries (including the transit regulations), from the wrong or insufficient copies of the customs declaration, the green customs slip or other accompanying documents, and Non-compliance with applicable export regulations arise from.  This also applies to damage caused to the sender by loss of the right to compensation arise if the shipment customs authorities of a foreign country is seized by the.  It is the customer, are recipients of the shipments, the foreign representatives of destination or transit countries, the foreign trade offices, Chambers of Industry and Commerce or other agencies themselves to inform the case.

 7th  Shipping and Transport

(1) The standard shipping method is shipping with.  Low value items (e.g. accessories about 5,0 kg) are shipped uninsured. A shipment tracking is not possible then.  The transit risk for shipping without insurance bears the buyer. (2) Loss or damage during transport, shall immediately be reported to the carrier by the customer.  This applies regardless of whether it is a shipment at our expense or specifically requested by the customer concerns.  In addition losses or damages caused by transport have to be noted on the receipt handed over to the carrier (reserved sign) and also be notified to us immediately.  For the ad to us is a limitation period of three days from delivery.  Concealed damage is to notify to us immediately after discovery.

 8th  Revocation and return

(1) The customer has the right to purchase within 10 days from receipt to withdraw the article or the back.  To comply with this period is sufficient to send the cancellation.  It will then train a reversal of the contract to train.

(2) If the goods were already used and have signs of wear, can also purchase the statutory period of 10 days within only be revoked.  We reserve the right to us, the consumers, the depreciation and value of goods to calculate the usage.

(3) Where the revocation of goods valued at more than 100 EUR, so the buyer has to bear the return costs, unless the delivered goods do not correspond to the ordered.  The return has to be in original packaging.  When returning damaged goods we are entitled to claim compensation.

(4) The cancellation and to return goods, unless otherwise specified, with contracts for the supply of goods on condition not suitable for one of your reason for return, or cannot spoil quickly or whose expiration date has passed.  

9th  Retention of title

(1) The delivered goods remain up to full payment of the purchase price of our property.  The commodity remains until the next payment of all of our time of the particular contract claims arising from the existing business relationship with the customer our property. Our reservation property acquired ultimately our customers against future claims arising.

(2) In case of default of the customer we are entitled to the reserved commodity to demand the surrender, without the need for a withdrawal on our part.  The same applies to a significant deterioration of the financial situation of the client.  

10th  Warranty and Liability

(1) If you prove to us defects of delivered goods, we will be reasonable time for either replacement or elimination of deficiencies in care.  The warranty period is 24 months from date of delivery. Customers or third parties executed the purchase date must be at complaints with the bill demonstrated any warranty obligation shall cease as soon as the defective product to improper repairs or other work by the.

(2) A liability for normal wear and tear, as well as for consumables (e.g. electric motors) / Accessories / enclosed Batteries are excluded. LiPo batteries are tested before delivery. On LiPo battery packs and single cells consists of the primary charge is neither a guarantee nor a right of return.

(3) Excluded from the warranty are defects or damage due to:   • Permanent usage and normal wear   • Improper use, handling errors and negligence of the customer   • Operation with the wrong power and voltage, and connection to unsuitable power sources   • Fire, lightning, explosion, or surges net damage.

(4) If our operating and maintenance instructions are not followed, changes are made, parts are replaced, that does not meet the original specifications, shall void any warranty if the defect is due.  The warranty is void even if serial number, model, manufacturer's name or similar marks defaced be or removed, or defects or damages that the customer through his (negligent or intentional) behavior (e.g. operating errors, overheating, crashing, blocking motors, ignoring the and connection conditions, faulty installation, improper use, alteration of the delivered goods) has caused erecting.  We assume that the buyer and the pilot model for the material used and its limitations in mind is flying to and flying of model and is informed about aircraft aerodynamics.  Missing skill in flying, which leads to damage to the model, does not claim to guarantee.

(5) If three times the elimination of a defect under warranty by repair or replacement within a reasonable time fails, then the customer regarding the defective products to withdraw from the contract or the purchase price reduction.  Please send the goods are not unfree or special shipping forms to avoid unnecessary costs.  Please include the cost of returning the document over.  Costs for special, we are not required by sending forms (e.g. unfree) are not replaced.  

11th  Privacy Policy

(1) for transfer of data security to guarantee the highest order we can use our secure online store Secure Socket Layer transmission, in which all data is encrypted and protected from access by third parties are the front.

(2) Foilgate, Wolfgng Habe customer is not available to third parties. To our service and we offer you even more attractive, we keep it before us, however, data for evaluating your company purposes. Of course we do this under the strict protection of confidential data.  

12th  Miscellaneous

(1) Spanish law applies, even if orders from abroad or in foreign countries are provided.  If you reside or have their habitual residence abroad, Alicante has jurisdiction for all claims relating to your order.  We are entitled to your general jurisdiction to complain at.

(2) The right to offset or reduction is available only if your counterclaims have been legally determined or we have acknowledged this in writing.  You are only entitled to withhold if the claims are based on the same contract.

(3) If a non-essential part of any contract under these conditions is or becomes invalid, the remainder of the validity of the contract is not affected.  In place of the ineffective clause occurs a regime that comes closest to this economically.



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