Foilgate Imoca V2 is specially designed as Imoca Foil and bring with it the highly efficient design

enormous achievements. The inclination of the boat is significantly reduced by the Imoca Foil and allows a

much larger sail area than without Imoca Foil. The speed increases and also the stability increases with the

Imoca Foil during sailing.




 After design and simulation calculations, the molds are manufactured in-house and manufactured with vacuum.

Many working days passes before the Imoca V2 Foil was finished.


after demoulding, the finish and preparation for assembly takes place.



Assembling and trials with Rog 15




Since the Foilgate TS Imoca was also tested on the Rog 15, we have direct comparison values available.

Conclusion: due to very high power of the Foilgate Imoca V2, the owner had decided to increase the sail area

significantly in order to be able to use the full power of the Imoca V2.




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