This is how IMOCA hydrofoil works, the hydrofoil in the water compensates the wind moment.


Foilgate TS Imoca  ROG 15 with Foilgate TS Imoca Owner Peter Williams


Folgate TS Imoca folded up for transport


The Foilgate TS Imoca essentially corresponds to the Foilgate TS.

Foilgate TS Imoca Set Foilgate TS Imoca Stützfoil


The difference is that the support arm is also designed as a foil (support foil).

The support foil acts like a second foil and supports the lift of the main foil. 

3D adjustment support foil


This significantly increases the counter-torque to the wind force on the sail.

The 3 D setting on the foil and support foil, enables optimal adaptation to the respective boat type.

We recommend the Foilgate TS Imoca for boats up to 150 kg in weight.


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