Production and details


The production takes place in vacuum and ensures high fiber content and high strength by low weight.

Carbon fibers gives deck and hull the necessary rigidity.

The servo board is carbon reinforced. The frames are milled from PVC foam.

The Imoca Foils are made of full carbon and have a very high rigidity. They are removable.

The rudder linkage can be ordered as inside linkage and outside linkage for better stability.

For the servos you can choose between winch or servos with a long arm.


The rigging has been completely redesigned and consists of carbon milled parts as well as carbon tubes and rods.

The sail can be optimally adjusted to all wind conditions.

The connection points also can be varied.

By using sail battens with a defined bending curve, the jib and mainsail achieve the best performance.

There is a special holder for mounting an onboard camera.


The 3X IMOCA RC leaves nothing to be desired and sailing with the 3X IMOCA RC is a lot of fun!




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