Foilgate TS Hydrofoils

The idea:

Foilgate TS (TS = Triangle System) is a patented hydrofoil system that has the option of

folding up the foils for handling and transport and pull down in the water. 


Order here your individual Foilgate TS Hydrofoil.

With Foilgate TS hydrofoils, the lift can be increased through the variable position of the support arm,
adapted to the wind conditions and the weight of the boat and pilot.
The rudder can also be raised for transport and handling.


The Foilgate TS Hydrofoil has a significant advantage aginst the usual foils which are driven up and down

in guiding systems and have to be dismounted for transport.

In addition, Foilgate TS Hydrofoils are kept small and affordable.

The hydrofoils consist of 80% carbon fiber layers with a calculated fiber structure for maximum strength.

Pulltruded bars also bring extreme strength.

Many tests in the hydro channel of the Polytechnicum in Madrid resulted in a design that meets all the requirements for beginners:

  • Stability through symmetrical foils
  • High strength due to carbon fiber
  • variable lift through the TS (Triangle System) patented system
  • Transport and handling friendly
  • Low price for entry into the foiling class

If you are now convinced of this, order here your individual Foilgate TS Hydrofoil.


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